The Leaf Fall
Short Summory/Blurb by Somewhere_Somehow
July 5th, 2017, 7:33 am
Everything is ruled by Gods, and wizards & mythological creatures are frequently present in some dimensions. There are 4 main dimensions: Our dimension, Hell, Heaven, Present universe (similar to ours, but magic there is a pretty normal thing). Michi- an unusual girl is the main charecter, she can use "strong magic", a term used for magic only males can use (much more powerful than the magic that females use). Due to that Michi has to hide her real gender, she says that she just likes to turn into female and that in reality she is a male. Michi works for <Balance> a magic school & corporation for wizards, but one day someone decides to kill her. Michi finds out that it is Izami, a person she has known for a long time, but he had his own reason to do that, Michi for an unknown reason has stolen his memories, and he wants them back. Michi makes a deal with him, she rubs out her own memories and says that if he manages to make them come back, his will as well. After Izami agrees, Michi falls unconsious, when she finally opens her eyes she is a different person, she acts differently and hardly remembers anything.
Michi is not the only one with the "skeleton in the closet", <Balance> the only leagal corporations lies about Gods, that's why Izami, educated by Balance school system, gets very surprised to find out Gods actually exist and that it's not just an old myth. But why does <Balance> keep such important thing a secret? And how does Michi know the truth? Or is she the one who is lying?...[color=black]][quote]